Dear wotBlog,

I’ve been avoiding you.

I’m sorry.

It’s been two months.  I find that I inevitably end up writing this blog entry at some point every time I try to keep a blog.  I’m so terrible.  It’s like having a pet.  At first, it’s exciting.  “Oh, think of all the wonderful things I can do with this!  This will be so much fun!”  But the pet only does so many things.  I can only do so many things with the pet.  And soon, I get bored.  I still want to keep the pet, though, because there was a time when I was genuinely enthusiastic about it and I would hate to hurt its feelings by giving it away or something.  Like I’m going to hurt my blog’s feelings.  Well, I do feel bad!  Is that not ridiculous?  I get online and I check my email, my flickr, my facebook, etc, and I see the little bookmark for wotBlog and I quickly drag my mouse away from it and look at another part of my screen.  I am literally avoiding my own blog out of embarrassment.  Wow.

It’s a blog.  Come on, Emily.

-written on December 14, 2008.  and never finished.


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