Peas and Violence

I know most of us, at some point in our lives, have seen the play on words involving peace and those little round green veggies we call peas. Kind of funny, isn’t it? Well, sure it is. But why?

Well, in the simplest terms, we’re human and violent behavior is an innate characteristic for us. It just happens but we try our best to moderate it. I had actually written a few paragraphs about violence and anger but none of it was coming out right and I couldn’t even figure out what I was trying to say. It probably would have been seen by some random reader as extremely politically incorrect anyway. (Remind me to write an entry about political correctness for next time.) So rather than fuss over this touchy issue with my ramblings and opinions of anger and violence, I’m simply going to introduce the subject.

And why would I do such a thing, you ask? Because it’s a taboo. And I believe that every taboo should be talked about. If there’s something that people don’t like talking about, it’s because it makes people uncomfortable. But if we’re ever going to make any progress, don’t you think we should face the things we’re uncomfortable with? It’s just food for thought. And everybody could use a little food for thought every now and again.

So, for now, I’ll leave you with this interesting video I came across on YouTube. Take a looksie.. and then think about the things that good ol’ John said.